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February 2021 - See Our Ad in New Mobility Magazine


September 2019 - Fundraiser Event at the Wheelchair Dancers Organization in San Diego, CA

June 2019- Two Wireless Remote Controls Are Possible!

Having multiple wireless remote controls to activate the Freedom Flow™ valve are now possible. Driven by a unique customer request we were able to successfully pair a secondary remote to a specific Freedom Flow™ valve to further enhancing independence. Having a second remote can also benefit caregivers or simply as a spare.

hand 3.png
hand 2.jpg
hand 1.jpg

May 2019 - Customized Remote Control

While most customer prefer a free-floating remote control, other options are possible. Supporting a unique customer idea, we successfully customized our wireless remote control to firmly mount perpendicular to the chair armrest. This position which pointed the button straight up allows more access to effectively press the remote-control button and activate the valve.


Mounting Bracket

for Chair Armrest

Button to 

Activate Valve


The Freedom Flow™ was created to increase personal independence. Some organizations helping spread the word can be found here. 

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