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How it Works

It's Simple!

1. Detach the tube holder from the main unit by gently sliding up.  


2. Place the latex tube on the back side of the main unit.


3. Attach the tube holder back on to secure the tube from moving. 

4. Push the black button on the remote control to activate the pinch valve. 

Freedom Flow™

Instructional Video

Freedom Flow® Instructional Video_web
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About the Freedom Flow™

The Freedom Flow is made to improve personal dependance.


For many with spinal cord injury the simple daily routine of using the restroom can be a large burden, requiring support from caregivers and sometimes complete strangers.


The Freedom Flow wireless valve does not require installation to any one specific location, and attaches directly to the leg bag drainage tube.


Next with a simple button push on the wireless remote a full bag will empty in less than 30 seconds.

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